Friday, March 2, 2012

Parade of Pedi-Cabs

Looking at these photos, I think it's hard to capture the ingenuity that owner/driver puts in to these little vehicles.  Each one- and there are thousands of pedi-cabs- is unique in design, reflecting the personality and  perhaps scavenging ability of its owner.  The pedi-cabs, for me, provide a daily lesson about what it really means to walk-the-walk of Recycling and Reusing material.  We Americans have much to learn.
This is the view from what became my preferred spot: side sitting behind the driver.  One thing I must share here is that, in my experience of several pedi-cab and jeepney rides during our travels in the warm, humid weather of the Philippines,  I always noticed the  groomed and clean presence of the drivers, unlike my sticky, dusty, sweaty self hopping from one vehicle to another.  In the tightly packed proximity that comprises the transit experience everywhere, I mistakenly expected a mix of food aroma with stale cologne; on the contrary, my sensitive nose picked up either neutral or the scent of  freshly laundered clothing- 100% of my time here.

4-passengers can ride.
6--7 passengers can ride.  Do you see where?

I rode side-sitting behind our driver here, with 4 more spots for the others.

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