Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DAVAO-Father D.J. 3/6

 Father D.J., a Jesuit priest and teacher at Ateneo University here in Davao, is Oscar's nephew.  He is a gentle and intelligent man, articulate and bright, imparting an unmistakably peaceful presence.  Father D.J. invited us all to the Rectory on campus, for a dinner with his fellow priests.
Father D.J. and his  Uncle "Onkoy"
                                                          L-R: Oscar, Oliver- one of the cooks, Father D.J., "RR", and Roma- a lovely soul who serves the priests by shopping and cooking for the priests here at Ateneo University.  We were priveleged to be invited in to the kitchen to meet with them after enjoying a meal prepared by them.  I tell you, I could feel the love that went into their dishes: Laing (leaves in coconut oil and a touch of hot peppers; kare-kare (hands down the BEST I've ever tasted.); sinigang; rice; buko pie.
                                          Night views of Ateneo University.  So nice to be on a college campus, among students...
                                         With gratitude for the tour and meal, Father D.J. !

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