Sunday, March 4, 2012

Maligayang Kaarawan in the Philippines

Today was my birthday and for a slice of the clock,  California and Davao are aligned on March the 4th!  Celebrating in the Philippines, though I miss being with my family, was very special too.   The festivities actually began last night.  We were busy preparing for early morning travel to Davao.  Before we went off to our rooms, Nena, Vanessa, and Kathy surprised me with happy birthday singing, cards, and lovely pareo, a batik malong, and lovely kimona top.  Tonight, all five of us had dinner at De Bonte Koe, a European/Mediterranean restaurant located in the Habana Compound section of downtown Davao City.  During dinner Vanessa reminded the group of what our new friend in Dumaguete, cool kuya Mo says every Filipino should do on h/her birthday: visit 3 islands.  In this way, it might be possible to see all 7,000+ islands in one's lifetime.  Well, today we set foot on 2: Luzon and Mindanao ! ! !    To this dear group of friends, Maraming Salamat.  This whole adventure binds us forever in the memories we're creating every minute.

                                   At De Bonte Koe for Euro cuisine for a change.  That's Eva, our server, with us.

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