Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DAVAO, Mindanao- March 4-8

I look at Muslim Filipinos with wide-eyed wonder, not as a tourist, but as a Filipina-American walking the walk of broadening her perspective by moving among the residents of Davao.  I listen.  I long to snap photos of men and women in muslim dress, but resist,for the most part.  But Filipinos here in Davao stare at us too.  The first day, Vanessa and I went to the supermarket to buy some snacks and water.  We were fine until we opened our mouths.  As soon as people heard us speak English, they literally stopped their shopping carts and turned all the way around to stare.  The stares are thorough. Many do not release that stare until they've had a good long look!  At the checkout counter, the cashier spoke to us in Tagalog and the woman in front of us (aforementioned Starer) said something quickly to her under her breath.  The cashier then looked at me and said, "Oh I thought you were Filipinas because we have the same skin color."   I kinda felt like I was stuck between floors in an elevator, ya feel me?

Davao, like all the places we've been so far, brings us many surprises and laughs.  You wouldn't believe it unless I showed this sign to you, but at the Kusina Dabaw....

                                  Oscar says this is ironic since the Durian fruit is the commodity that brings Davao its fame! !    But seriously, have you sniffed a durian lately?  Is your durian housebroken?  Nevertheless, I'm getting closer to drinking a whole shake before we leave Davao.

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