Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Divine Davao Writer's Group

                                Three amazing women: Jhoanna Cruz (dagmay.kom.ph) , Monica Ayala.
                             Monica Ayala, her mother, Tita La Cambra Ayala, and Penaranda (w/an "n-ye").
                                          The gathering of writers and wanderers. UP  Chancellor Ricky And Unli-Food !
                                           "unli" = unlimited, as in "Unli- rice" or "Unli-text".  In other words, Eat All         You Can and Write All You Can."  That's All She Can Write right now.

                                          Kublai Cafe & Bar / Ponce Suites. "The Unconvention Center"
                                          Kublai's lovely wife, Maan Chua, a singer and guitarist. Check her out on YouTube.

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